Wednesday night Spain defeated Croatia 82-64, confirming they can get a superb result in the upcoming FIBA World Cup. Well, it’s time to start to get some ideas around the World Cup first matchday. Let’s focus on Group A games.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

15:30 cet Egypt – Serbia
18:00 cet France – Brazil
22:00 cet Iran – Spain

Serbia and Spain are set to get an easy win Saturday. The most interesting game is France vs Brazil, with the south american team probably stronger than France. Anyway I want to take some days before placing this bet, but I am confident this match will be my first bet for this FIBA World Cup.

Egypt – Serbia: Sportitalia (DTT 153 in Italy )
France – Brazil: Sportitalia (DTT 153  in Italy)
Iran – Spain: (streaming internet).

ODDS: in you find some odds about these games. I think I can not place a bet on Egypt vs Serbia with Serbia @ 1.01. The same problem in Iran vs Spain with Spain @ 1.00. I think I will look at France vs Brazil as offers France @ 2.60 and Brazil @ 1.50. I am talink about Home/Away bets, you know.

MY BET: France and Brazil still have to close their friendly games. I will place my bet later. See you in the next days.

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