Quarter Finals – Ljubljana (SLO)
Thursday 19, 2013 – 09:00 PM CET
(CET is Central Europe Time)


Lithuania got 2nd place in Group E, securing a quarter final match against Italy, 3rd in Group F. As you probably know, Lithuania is my favourite team for the title and, until now, the Baltic has played a superb basket.

Italy arrives at the quarter finals battle with 6 wins and 2 loss. I think neither the most optimistic of Italian fans could imagine such a great moment for Italian national team. Anyway, the Pianigiani’s boys are here and they are not used to give up. This is the reason why I see a close match on Thursday night.

What my bookmaker thinks: the Baltic team is clear favourite here with Lithuania  @ 1.45 and Ital y @ 2.70 in money line. So, the spread to cover for Lithuania is 5.5 points. A lot of points as I think it wil be a close match, a match set to finish with a team winning for 1 or 2 points.

What I think: I back the Azzzurri, as I think Lithuania will win, but it will not cover the spread.

TV: live on Raisport 1

My bookmaker odds
Lithuania (-5.5) @ 1.88
Italy  (+5.5) @ 1.88

My bet
Italy  (+5.5) @ 1.88
stake 4

V Green

Lithuania – Italy 81-77  +3.52

 What a wonderful match!
Read the match report.

My September bets
N° Proofed Tips: 5
Results (W-D-L): 5-0-0
Staked: 16.00 units
Won : 30.23 units
Profit: +14.23 units