Lubjiana is the town for Group A teams, before reading my preview, I suggest to have a reminder of the format.

From every group the 3 best teams advance to the second stage and the 3 worst teams will be eliminated. In the second stage 2 new groups will be formed. The 3 best teams from groups A and B will be united to form group E whereas the 3 best teams from groups C and D will be united to form group F. (by Wikipedia EuroBasket 2013 page).

Now let’s see my preview for this grooup with the odds of my bookmaker for the team winning group.

FranceΒ @ 1.10 is favourite to win the group. My lazy Italian bookmaker loves this team, but I am not sure the French can have a good time in Slovenia this year. Anyway, France is one of three that will move to 2nd round.

GermanyΒ @ 6.50 see their golden age is gone, anyway the German team is a good one and I am confident to see them in 2nd round.

Israel is my favourite team here. I hope they will be promoted.

Ukraine dreams are big for this championships, but I don’t like their basket, too much old style, in my opinion.

Great Britain will be eliminated 100%

Belgium is a team to follow, they are working in the right way. Pay attention to Belgium, they can surprise you.

So, there are my verdicts: Israel win the group and with France and Germany is promoted to the 2nd round. Ukraine, Belgium and Great Britan go home.

1st match day

Israel – Great Britain
Belgium – Ukraine
France – Germany

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