Playoff – Finals – Game 3
Saturday, June 15, 2013 – 08: 15 PM CET
(CET is Central Europe Time)
PalaEstra, Siena, Italy

Siena and Roma Ties Series 1-1

Siena won game 1, but then lost game 2. It’s a final series without a lord yet. Anyway please remember, that I am very bad in my playoff bets (while I am good with regular season bets), so don’t follow my tips until I improve my performance.

Roma is strong enough to win every match, but I am not so sure they can win in Siena. Anyway, this time my lazy Italian bookmaker help me as it sees a 7.5 handicap for Siena. So, backing Roma I will win the bet even if they lose with less than 8 points. I back Roma.

My bookmaker odds
Siena (-7.5) 1.93
Roma (+7.5) 1.82

What my bookmaker thinks: Siena has now a big chance as the green & white team plays at home. It’s true that Roma won in Siena in regular season, but now Siena is tronger than some months ago, when the players were tired because of Euroleague games.
What bet4win thinks: Italian website see a Siena win and they suggest to bet Siena @ 1.30. I don’t agree, also because I think it’s better to place a bet with handicap, as everyone is used to do in the USA.
What I think: I am really disappointed because of my latest results. So I thought to change something in my way of managing my bankroll. Not big changes, but some little changes. I’ll talk about these things next week. Meanwhile, let’s hope to see a good Acea at PalaEstra Saturday night.

My bet
Roma (+7.5) @ 1.82
stake 9


Siena – Roma 89-81

Unluck bet, unluck month.

My June bets
N° Proofed Tips: 5
Results (W-D-L): 1-0-4
Staked: 43.00 units
Won : 13.16 units
Profit: -29.84 units