Coppa Italia Serie A2 Women: road to glory for Carispezia?

This weekend – from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2019 – the town of Campobasso hosts the Final Eight of Coppa Serie A2 Women. It’s a very important tournament for female basketball in Italy.

The formula is very simple: the best 4 teams form Serie A2 Women North challenge the best 4 teams from Serie A2 Women South. The 8 teams involved in these 3 days of pure basketball are Ecodent Alpo, Masnaga, Crema, Akronos Moncalieri, Magnolia Campobasso, Adros Palermo, Carispezia and Faenza Basket.

QUARTER FINALS – Friday 22 March 2019

14:00 Masnaga – Carispezia
16:00 Andros Palermo – Crema
18:00 Ecodent Alpo – Faenza Basket
20:00 Magnolia Campobasso – Akronos Moncalieri

all times are CET – central europe time

Semifinals have been scheduled on Saturday 23 and the final has been scheduled on Sunday 24.

It’s hard to find a clear favorite in think kind of tournament. Anyway, I think Carispezia is good enough to be my favorite team.

Header Phot Credits @ Cestistica Spezzina


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