The bad tradition of Reyer Venezia at the Coppa Italia Final Eight

As Reyer Venezia fan, I already know these stats, anyway, today, the Lega Basket official website, has reminded me that Reyer Venezia have never won a Final Eight match.

2012 โŒ Venezia – Pesaro 70-90
2014 โŒ Venezia – Brindisi 70-84
2015 โŒ Venezia – Brindisi 70-80
2016 โŒ Venezia – Milano 59-88
2017 โŒ Venezia – Brescia 68-76
2018 โŒ Venezia – Torino 60-72
2019 ๐Ÿ€ Venezia – Sassari

It’s true! Reyer Venezia have qualified 6 times for Coppa Italia Final Eight, but the team always lost in the quarter finals. It’s something strange, but that’s life! This year Venezia will face Dinamo Sassari and we are confident this year we can celebrate the first win!

Header Photo Credit: @ Cigarafterten


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