Waiting for Champions League Gameday 10

Sidigas Avellino, Reyer Venezia and Virtus Bologna are the 3 Italian teams involved in the regular season of FIBA Champions League 2018/2019. We have to wait until Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 January 2019 to see Avellino in Poland, Reyer at home against Opava and Virtus at home aganist Petrol Olimpija. These 3 teams have a good position in their group ranking and we are confident to see them in the second round. Anyway, it would be useful to avoid to lose the 8-9 January games.

In order to know something more about FIBA Champions League, we suggest to listen to Coast to Coast, a wonderful podcast about this league. Coast to Coast Episode 13 is online, so just enjoy it!

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