The strange relationship between Eurocup and Italy

Wandering on the web, I noticed an interesting article about the Eurocup Finals isnce 2003 to 2017. I realized that the Italian teams have never won the title and, by the way, they have never played a final. 

We can find only 2 links between Italy and the Eurocup finals as the Final Eight 2009 was played at Palasport Olimpico in Turin and the Eurocup Final 2011 was played at Palaverde in Treviso.

This season Reggio Emilia has been close to get a ticket for the Finals, but the red and white team failed to get it. Anyway we hope in season 2018/2019 an Italian team can play, and win the Eurocup Finals.

🔗 Eurocup champions (2003-2017) by


Author: Cigarafterten

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