Reyer Venezia roster updated !!

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On Wednesday, March 14 REYER VENEZIA announced that Edgar Sosa has signed with the club an agreement until the end of the season, as Sportando reports. Here you find the updated roster of Reyer Venezia.

Point Guard
🇺🇸 Marquez Haynes
🇩🇴 Edgar Sosa
🇮🇹 Andrea De Nicolao

Shooting Guard
🇬🇷 Michael Bramos
🇺🇸 Michael Jenkins
🇦🇷 Bruno Cerella
🇮🇹 Riccardo Bolpin

Small Forward
🇮🇹 Stefano Tonut
🇺🇸 Dominique Jonshon

Power Forward
🇺🇸 Austin Daye
🇭🇷 Hrvoje Peric
🇱🇹 Gedeminas Orelik

🇺🇸 Mitchell Watt
🇮🇹 Paul Biligha
🇮🇹 Tomas Ress

🇮🇹 Walter De Raffaele



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