The problems of Sonny Weems

On Thursday, Mar 1, Olimpia Milano will host Efes Istanbul in a key match for last spot battle in EuroLeague standings. The question is: will Efes newcomer Sonny Weems play in Milan?

This is the story. Two days ago RealGM contributor Kate Smith announced that Anadolu Efes signed a new player, Sonny Weems.

 Also EuroLeague official website announced the move. So, this transfer market is 100% sure.

Anadolu Efes Istanbul gave its roster a boost for the final stretch of the season with the addition of forward Sonny Weems, who signed a deal until the end of this season. The move for Efes comes days after losing forward Zoran Dragic to a season-ending knee injury. Weems (1.98 meters, 31 years old), a former All-EuroLeague forward, arrives from has Zhejiang of the Chinese League. You can the full story on EuroLeague official website,

Problems come out on Sunday and Monday, just 1 or two days later Anadolu Efes published the news of the arrival of Sonny Weems. EuroLeague unofficial website,

On Sunday, Feb 25, Eurohoops write: While Sonny Weems is expected in Istanbul in order to join Anadolu Efes, his peculiar doping case and the ban imposed to him by Israeli authorities remains a mystery as you ca read in

On Monday, Feb 26, Eurohoops go deep inside this story: The head of the Israeli National Agency for the Prevention of Sports Doping appealed to his Turkish representative, warning that Sonny Weems is prohibited to play.

The question is: will Sonny Weems play in Milan on Thursday night? We hope he will do, we hope all these problems can be cleared as soon as possibile.


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