The night I watched Fiat Torino destroying AX Milano

Last Saturday night I went at PalaFilarete in Florence (Italy) to see the local team Cantini Lorano Legnaia defeating Endiasfalti Agliana. It was a Serie C Gold match, the 4th level of Italian basketball. I saw a good match with two teams fighting till the end.

The day after I stayed at home in order to watch on TV Serie A match Fiat Torino – AX Milano and I found only one team on the court, Fiat Torino. The other team, AX Milano, played a very poor basketball, with their coach Simone Pianigiani, unable to find any solution. AX Milano lost the game, but this is not the point. The point is that AX Milano is not a team, they don’t fight, they don’t help teach other. They are a group of good player, but they are not a team. Anyway, today, as everyday, Italian journalists support the club and the coach. AX Milano is a ridiculous team, Italian journalist are ridiculous, too.


Serie A
Cremona – Avellino 86-73
Cantù – Virtus Bologna 94-87
Torino – Milano 71-59 ❌ – 5.00

Bonn – Oldenburg 90-68

Serie A Women
Vigarano – Reyer Venezia 45-67
Battipaglia – Famila Schio 54-77
San Martino – Napoli 70-84


Author: Cigarafterten

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