Thursday 2 November: Maccabi Tel Aviv – Olimpia Milano live on twitter

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Last week I enjoyed a lot writing on twitter about Real Madrid – Olimpia Milano. It has been a live report on this match with a lot of people following my comments and my updates.

Next week I am set to repeat the same experience on Thursday 2 November with MACCABI TEL AVIV – OLIMPIA MILANOย (EuroLeague Round 5) You know I am a Maccabi supporter, anyway, I promise I will try to be as honest as possible in my comments.

For this match I will have two ways to follow the match sitting in my living room. I can watch it wit Eurosport Player and I can listen to it on Radio Hinterland Binasco (in Italian).ย Stay tuned.

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๐Ÿ€ย EuroLeagueย round 5

18:00 Crvena Zvezda โ€“ Bamberg
20:05 Maccabi Tel Aviv โ€“ Milano

๐Ÿ“ปย Radio Streaming
Maccabi Tel Aviv โ€“ AX Milano byย Radio Hinterland Binascoย (italian)

โ„น๏ธย Tel Aviv (Israel)
8 Sep 2017 โ€“ 8 Jan 2018: โ€œLouise Bourgeois: Twosomeโ€ atย 
Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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All times are CET โ€“ Central Europe Time



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