What’s going on in FIBA Europe Cup

Just some notes about FIBA Europe Cup, waiting for the 16 games of Gameday 2.

Group A: Antwerp Giants (Belgium) leads the group, next match is in France against Le Portel.

Group B: Benfica (Portugal) is the team to follow. The game with Bakken Bears (Denmark) is the big match of FIBA Eurocup Gameday2.

Group C: Kataja Basket (Finland) lead the group, but will be they able to defeat Porto (Portugal) this week? I am not so sure.

Group D: Keravnos (Cyprus) is the king, BC Balkan (Bulgaria) is the danger.

Group E: Cluj Napoca (Romania) looks for a wonderful future, but an away win at Dynamo Tblisi (Georgia) home, is not so easy to get.

Group F: good news for the Israeli basketball lovers: Bnei Herlziya leads the group. Next match is at home against Tsmoki Minks (Belarus).

Group G: Demir Insaat (Turkey) fans dream a wonderful future in Turkey, meanwhile the shine in Europe. Next enemy: Mons Hinault (Belgium).

Group H: Szolnoki Olaj had a good start, but will they defeat Falco Vulcano (Hungary)? On wednesday we will have the answer.

You can watch every FIBA Europe Cup game live in streaming on Youtube.





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