reyer venezia serie a

Trento – Reyer Venezia game 3 preview

It’s 1-1 after the first two games, but the point is that Aquila Trento has a lot of injured players.

Wednesday, June 14th

🇮🇹 Serie A
20:45 Trento – Reyer Venezia
game 3

— • —

All times are CET – Central Europe Time


Trento, Italy, EU
Series tied 1-1

In a best of 7 games series, the 3rd game is always important. If you watched only game 1, you can think Trento is set to be the new Italian champion, but if you watched only game 2, you can imagine Venezia celebrating its 3rd title in few days. We watched both games and we have no strong opinion about the Italian finals.

Who has clear ideas is that suggest to place a 8/10 bet on Venezia today. Probably they chosed Venezia because Trento player Dominique Sutton is out, but we like to remind you that this is the first game Trento play at home, in front of his fans and this could be a factor.

Just a note for you. This morning I bought Italian sport newspaper Stadio: no one of the 48 pages of this daily sport newspaper is about this match. We can find just a line in the TV page. Italian journalism is simply terrible.

TV Rai Sport (Sat Hotbird 13° East) & Sky Sport 1 (in Italy)
Radio Radio Dolomiti 
Internet video streaming on & play by play on

money line FT including OT average odds
Trento @ 1.76
Venezia @ 2.03

money line 1st Half average odds
Trento @ 1.76
Venezia @ 1.90

handicap average odds
Trento (-1.5) @ 1.85
Venezia (+1.5) @ 1.88

Our Pick: Trento 1st Half @ 1.76 stake 2/10

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🧙‍♂️ Reyer Venezia vs Aquila Trento series preview

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