Reyer Venezia – Avellino Game 1 Thread

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The winner of game 1 is not always the winner of a playoff serie, but anyway, you know, it’s important to start the series with a win.

Friday, May 26th

20:45 Reyer Venezia – Avellino



Haynes MarQuez

Hrvoje Peric
Jeff Viggiano
Stefano Tonut
Jamelle Hagins
Coach: Walter De Raffaele

Joe Ragland

David Logan
Maarten Leunen
Andrea Zerini
Kyrylo Fesenko
Coach: Stefano Sacripanti

The key: we read in Italian website that the most important duel will be between Esteban Batista and Kyrylo Fesenko, but we don’t agree as Batist, for example, did not play against Pistoia. Batista is not yet a factor in Venice.

Reyer Venezia – Avellino game 1 preview

Reyer Venezia – Avellino series preview

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