Barcelona – Unicaja Malaga Preview

The Liga ACB official website calls it “El Partidazo del Domingo”, it means the most important match of Sunday. In our opinion, this is the most important match in Europe, not only in Spain. It’s Barcelona – Unicaja Malaga.

Sunday, April 23

Liga ACB
17:00 Barcelona – Unicaja Malaga

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All times are CET – Central Europe Time

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Barcelona and Malaga have the same record: 18-9. This is a battle we could see in the post season too.

Liga ACB standigs
(top 8 positions)

Valencia 21-7
Real Madrid 20-7
Baskonia 19-8

Tenerife 19-9
Barcelona 18-9
Unicaja 18-9
Gran Canaria 18-10

Andorra 14-13

stats by

Palau Blaugrana
Barcelona, Spain, EU

This is a very important match because the winning team will be sure to play the post season. We are confident also the losing team will got this target in the following weeks. It’s not a do or die match, but somehow it looks like it.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona will play with Justin Doelmann and Juan Carlos Navarro, both out in the unlucky game the Blaugrana played in Valencia last week. Meanwhile the club is working for the future and a new coach is set to replace Geogios Bartzokas on Barcelona bench. He is Tenerife coach Txus Vidorreta.

TV: #0 in Spain
Radio: COPE Malaga
Internet: bet365

money line odds
Barcelona @ 1.45
Malaga @ 2.67

handicap odds
Barcelona (-4.5) @ 1.85
Malaga (+4.5) @ 1.89

Barcelona @ 1.45 stake 3/10


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Country: Spain (European Union)
Town: Barcelona
Colors: blue & cardinal
Arena: Palau Blaugrana
Leagues: Euroleague & Liga ACB
Coach: Georgios Bartzokas
Official website / Wikipedia page
Supplier: Nike


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