Pistoia – EA7 Milano Preview


Today Olimpia Milan travels to Pistoia to get another useless win in the Italian League. Jasmin Repesa’s boys are anost sure to have the 1st spot in the Italian post-season. No problems for Milano in the regular season. Problems will came later, in the post season.

Sunday 26 March 2017

Serie A Round 24
18:15 Pistoia – EA7 Milano

Pistoia, Italy, EU
🏀 PISTOIA (10-13) – EA7 MILANO (20-3)
Pistoia dreams to get a playoff spot, but they are lucky as they will avoid a relegation place, just because in Italy there are 2 or 3 teams worst then Pistoia. Milano has some injured players, but, you know, they have a so large roster, so no problems for Milano. Just two notes as you want to follow the math. Surely it will be bradcasted live radio by Radio Hinterland and, probably, it will be bradcasted live video by Olimpia Milano official website, but this information is not sure.  This is “the match of the day”.
Milano @ 1.47 stake 4/10


🇮🇹 🇪🇺
Country: Italy (European Union)

Town: Milano
Colors: red & white
Arena: Mediolanum Forum
Leagues: Euroleague & Serie A
Coach: Jasmin Repesa
Official website / Wikipedia page


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