Tuesday, Jan 10: The Hunt for Red October


Yesterday we won some money thanks to Mega Leks, as the pink & yellow team lost only by 12 with Crvena Zvezda securing us a good daily performance even if we lost our bet on Maccabi Tel Aviv, the craziest team in the world. Today we fly to Italy.

Serie A

20:45 Red October Cantù – Armani Milano

Red October Cantù – Armani Milano
Milano found a lot of problems in Euroleague this season, but they rule in Italian Serie A. It dependes on the number of players as for the italian league Jasmin Repesa has, at least 11-12 very good players, while the other italian teams have not more than 8-9 good players in their roster.
This match will be played in Desio, a small town between Cantù and Milano. Officially tonight Armani play away, but this arena can be considered ad the second home arena of Milano.

Milano @ 1.48 stake 3/10.

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