TBSL: Gaziantep vs Galatasaray betting tips

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The Turkish Basketball Super League  standings suggest us to care about this league. In Turkey we find a lot of strong teams, supported by great fans. I talk about the 4 Euroleague teams Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Darussafaka and Efes, but I also talk about other interesting teams as Banvit, Besiktas, Pinar and Tofas. So, no game is easy to win in TBSL. this is the reason why I suggest to follow this league. By the way, these are the most interesting matches of the weekend. 

Saturday, October 30
11:00 Fenerbahce – Pinar
17:00 Trabzonspor – Darussafaka
17:00 Efes – Usak

Monday, October 31
16:00 Gaziantep – Galatasaray

The match I focus on is Gaziantep vs Galatasaray, a match with interesting odds.

🏀 Gaziantep (0-3) vs Galatasaray (2-1)
Home team play in FIBA Europe Cup, the 4th european cup, while Galatasaray, as you know, is one of the best 16 teams in Europe as the red and yellow boys are an Euroleague team. In Gaziantep team the man to watch is Marcus Denmon, a guard drafted by San Antonio in 2012. Galatasaray lived a terrible week in Euroleague, with two defeates with Maccabi and Fenerbache. Bookmakes see away team as clear favorite here. Do you agree? I do. Galatasaray @ 1.43 stake 3/10.

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