Kazan is back!

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Kazan (Russia)
Friday, October 14 2016 18:00 cet
After one-year absence Unics Kazan returns to Euroleague and on Friday hosts Barcelona. The Russian team arrives to this match after a good start in VTB United League, while the Catalan team faces some problems with the injured players Petteri Koponen and Shane Lawal.

What bookmakers think
All the bookmakers in this planet agrre that Barcelona is favorite here. This a good reason for chosing Unics Kazan. Often bookies copy each other without working with their mind, we have to earn money thanks to their mistakes.


🅾 Euroleague 2016/2017 with SKY or euroleague.tv
You have to choice for watching Euroleague games this season: sat TV SKY or euroleague.tv on internet. Both solutions are good solutions, in my humble opinion.

📘 BETTING: the Russian week
For Euroleague Round 1 I choose to back the Russian teams. On Thursday I bet on CSKA Moscow winning in Istanbul, while on Friday I choose Kazan, even if with and handicap bet: Unics Kazan (+3.5) @ 1.87 stake 2/10. For dummies: I win my bet if Kazan win the match and even if Kazan loses with less than 4 point.


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