Last weekend the top 4 spanish teams met in Vitoria to play the Supercopa Endesa 2016. The semifinals of Friday showed two surprising results.

Baskonia – Gran Canaria 80-84

Real Madrid – Barcelona 93-99

Ok, we talk about the first official games of the new season, anyway, remeber that results don’t lie. And the result of the final match, played on Saturday, was somehow strange too.

Gran Canaria – Barcelona 79-59

So, againts any preview, Herbalofe Gran Canaria secured the title, while the 3 Euroleague teams found only problems. It has been a good weekend, in my opinion, we learned a lot about spanish basketball.


Home team Baskonia has a lot of problems as they played the semifinal match with few players. We have to undertand if Baskonia has not enough players to put on court or if the coach Alonso Sito does not trust in all the men he has in the roster.

The games between Real Madrid and Barcelona are always a coin flip. In basketball we see the same nervouse battles we are used to see in soccer between this two clubs. The Blaugrana won the match, anyway, for this season I prefer Real in Euroleague and in Liga ACB too.

Just few words to celebrate the win of Gran Canaria. What can I say? There is a new kid in the block! Gran Canaria is now at the top of the spanish basketball. Baskonia, Real and Barcelona will have to fight with the Amarillos this year in Liga ACB. 

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