The European NBA Player: Dirk or Darko? (reblog by

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There were thirteen players from Europe with no American experience selected in the 2016 NBA Draft, including seven in the first round. Every year, questions arise about how these European players’ games will translate to the NBA. Every fan has their own opinion about them, but the truth is European players’ success in the National Basketball Association is just about as hard to predict as any other player. In the 2015 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks selected Kristaps Porzingis from Latvia with the fourth overall pick. The sound that followed was not the applause and cheering of the many New York fans in the building; it was their boos that rang through Barclay’s Center. One young fan was crying, on national television, because of what he thought was a terrible move by New York’s front office. However, it did not take long for Porzingis to win…

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