May 2016, another winning month

Fenerbahce did not win Euroleague, but I won some money also in May. I know that May is not over yet, anyway I don’t want to place any bet until June and I get some days to enjoy my good monthly results: +4.66%.

By the way, look at my betting results in 2016 and think if this is a blog to follow or not.

🔶 JANUARY 2016 bets (W/L): 6-3
BALANCE: staked 44.00 return 39.46 profit -4.54
 roi -10.31%
January details here

🔶 FEBRUARY 2016 bets (W/L): 6-2
BALANCE: staked 24.00 return 32.41 profit +8.41 roi +35.04%

February details here

🔶 MARCH 2016 bets (W/L): 12-1
BALANCE: staked 39.00 return 64.17 profit +25.17 roi +64.53%

March details here

🔶 APRIL 2016 bets (W/L): 7-5
BALANCE: staked 30.00 return 31.68 profit +1.68 roi +5.60%

April details here

🔶 MAY 2016 bets (W/L): 2-1
BALANCE: staked 9.00 return 9.42 profit +0.42 roi +4.66%

May details here


I am a web content editor, I love european basketball and I like to place bets on basketball games. My target is to build an interesting network of basketball websites. Your tips are welcome.

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