Our betting life in 2016

We have two bets already placed on Euroleague Final Four. Waiting for Friday, it’s time to check the open bets we have and how we worked in the first 4 months of 2016. Just in order you understand who you have to follow for your basketball betting tips.

🏀 Antepost bet for the F4:
📌 Fenerbahce win the title @ 2.35 stake 3/10

🏀 Money line bet for Fenerbahce – Laboral Kutxa
📌 Fenerbahce @ 1.40 stake 4/10

And  now look what we did since January 2016, month by month.

🔶 JANUARY 2016 bets (W/L): 6-3
BALANCE: staked 44.00 return 39.46 profit -4.54 roi -10.31%
January details here

🔶 FEBRUARY 2016 bets (W/L): 6-2
BALANCE: staked 24.00 return 32.41 profit +8.41 roi +35.04%

February details here

🔶 MARCH 2016 bets (W/L): 12-1
BALANCE: staked 39.00 return 64.17 profit +25.17 roi +64.53%

March details here

🔶 APRIL 2016 bets (W/L): 7-5
BALANCE: staked 30.00 return 31.68 profit +1.68 roi +5.60%

April details here

Check the Final Four Odds before placing your bets and enjoy Euroleague F4. 


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