The most important week in Lokomotiv season

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Ambition is a necessary quality for any team searching for glory. Lokomotiv Kuban players have worked very hard in the past months and they want to triumph in Euroleague and in VTB United League.

🏀 Tuesday, 26 April 2016 – 19:00 cet
Lokomotiv Kuban – Barcelona
This is game 5 of the Euroleague playoffs, a do or die match with Lokomotiv playing at home in the Basket Hall in front of its supporters, a sold out Basket Hall, of course.

🏀 Thursday, 28 April 2016 – 19:00 cet
Zenit San Petersburg – Lokomotiv Kuban
The last match of the VTB United League regular season, with the two team fighting for the 3rd place. Playoffs will start the day after with CSKA Moscow versus Nymburk. 

As you can see this is the most important week of the season for Lokomotiv Kuban and it’s fans. 


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