Manital Torino is in dire straits #SerieABeko

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Hard to imagine a Serie A Beko with EA7 Milano far away from the top. The red & white boys know this and yesterday night, with a wonderful win in Cremona, got the 1st place in the ranking. A team with a lot of probems is Manital Torino as to find the the yellow boys in the italian table you have to read until the end.

SERIE A BEKO standings

EA7 Milano 20
Reggio Emilia 18
Cremona 18
Trento 18
Pistoia 18
Sassari 16
Brindisi 14
Venezia 14
Cantù 10
Caserta 10
Avellino 10
Varese 10
Bologna 10
Pesaro 10
Capo d’Orlando 8
Torino 6

You already know my tips for today, Sunday, December 27

Sassari – Pistoia Sassari @ 1.33 stake 2/10
Reggio Emilia – Varese Reggio @ 1.10 stake 5/10
Torino – Bologna Bologna (+4.5) @ 1.90 stake 2/10


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