NBA Finals 2015: The Injury Factor

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Waiting for Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 1 I suggest to read this article and to follow this blog mysportsangle.

My Sports Angle

After a short Conference Finals in both the East and the West (four and five game series respectively), the NBA Finals will be hosted by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. If you were to ask me a week ago: “Who would win the championship this year?” My answer would invariably be the Golden State Warriors. But we can’t count out the Cavaliers either since they have also proven that they belong in the Finals just as much. Both teams each have superstars that are comparable in points, rebounding and assists and both have been dominant against all of their opponents in the first three rounds where the Cavs and DubNation are outscoring their opponents by eight points or more in the postseason (+8.0 and +8.8 respectively). A point differential that large has been shown by the assertive play of the Cavaliers in their first postseason in years…

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