It’s Serie A Beko gameday in Italy with three interesting games scheduled in this cold Sunday afternoon. Three games I have placed some little bet.

17:00 cet VARESE – ROMA Roma @ 2.20 stake 4
18:15 cet VENEZIA – BOLOGNA Venezia @ 1.22 stake 3
18:15 cet REGGIO EMILIA – AVELLINO Reggio Emilia @ 1.22 stake 5

I think the best way to follow these three games is to visit the new web tv of the Italian Basketball League. I know you have to register in order to watch live the second by second emotions of this gameday. The TV show start at 18:00 cet.

Anyway, I am not sure if this service is available also outside of Italy. I live in Florence, so no problem for me, but please tell me if have problems in watching the TV show as you live abroad.

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