#Euroleague: what to expect, tonight, from Galatasaray, Armani Milano and Unicaja Malaga

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Here are my betting tips for Friday March 6 Euroleague games: no hope for Galatasaray, Milano and Malaga.

Galatasaray (2-6) vs Real Madrid (7-1): Real @ 1.12 stake 5/10
It’ a terrible season for Galatasaray, with a total of 18 different players have appeared in a Euroleague game for the team this season. It’s not the way to build a strong team.

Milano (2-6) vs Olympiacos (7-1): Olympiacos @ 1.52 stake 5/10
The Italian team hosts the best defensive Euroleague team. No chances for Luca Banchi’s boys tonight. Anyway, you know I usually don’t see chances for Armani Milano.

Malaga (1-7) vs Efes Istanbul (4-4): Efes @ 1.85 stake 5/10
Malaga has reached, once again, the Top 16, their target every season. Now it’s time to let top European clubs fight for the title. I back Anadolu Efes here.

Have a nice Friday night


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