#SerieABeko: Three reasons why Brindisi trip to Trento is the game to watch

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Securing a spot in the Coppa Italia Final Eight and a spot in the Eurochallenge Last sixteen already let Enel Brindisi fans be happy for the results of their team. Anyway, what the club want is to be in the first eight at the end of Serie A Beko and to secure a playoff spot in the post season.

DOLOMITI TRENTO – ENEL BRINDISI is the match of the week for Italian basket, with the two teams fighting for the 5th place in Serie A Beko standings. Trento (9-9) is set to lose tonight with Brindisi (11-7). I explain you why.

1. Trento lost the last 4 games playing with Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Milano and Cantù. The team is suffering bad form and nothing seem can be changed tonight.

2. Brindisi secured a 2-2 record in the last 4 games losing with Reggio Emilia and Caserta, but defeating Pesaro and Sassari. Brindisi it’s not the best italian team, but it’s one of the best today.

3. My lazy and silly bookmaker see Trento @ 1.77 as favourite, with Brindisi @ 2.05. So, in my bookmaker mind, the team with a bad record and in bad form is favourite againt e team with a better record and a better form. These bookies are crazy!.

Enel Brindisi @ 2.05 stake 4/10


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