Adam Silver: Playoff System “Requires a Very Strong Examination”

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Credit: ESPN Credit: ESPN

In an interview with Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today, Adam Silver clarified some statements he made recently about the hot button issue in the NBA: Playoff Seedings.  From Zillgitt’s article:

“On a Golden State Warriors TV broadcast last week, Silver suggested a chance the playoff format should happen soon. But he clarified those remarks to USA TODAY Sports. A change in the playoff system won’t happen next season but 2016-17 is a possibility.

“‘There is a lot to be said for taking a fresh look at our seedings and ensuring the very best teams are competing in the playoffs,’ Silver said. ‘I should’ve been slightly more cautious in my response (to Golden State broadcaster) only because there is a long tradition in terms of our conference system. There are some important logistic issues we need to examine in terms of travel (and schedules). It’s fair…

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