Panathinaikos – Milano Preview


Unlucky weekend for me, with Gran Canaria defeated in Andorra. Let’s go on let’s focus on Euroleague.

Friday 7 November, 2014 – 20:45 cet
Euroleague  – Regular Season – Match Day 4

Panathinaikos (2-1) target a place in the Final Four, everybody knows they are a super team, expecially when they play at home. 

EA7 Milano (1-2) lost the first two games of the season, then won in Bavaria. The Italian team is not a top team, not yet. I think they can get a place in the next round, but they can not win in Athens.

Panathinaikos @ 1.30
stake 7/10

 Result: 90-63 (+2.1)


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