Euroleague: Efes – Olympiacos preview

Eight  interesting games scheduled for this midweek in Euroleague, my favourite league. 

ARMANI MILANO – BARCELONA  is an unusual Wednesday night game, with the Italian already sure of their 2nd place in Group E and the Catalans of their 1st place in the same group. So, this is an interesting match for basket lovers, but, it’s somethng to avoid if you want to place some bets.

The match to look at is EFES ISTANBUL – OLYMPIACOS PIREUS, with the red and white craving for a win. These are my bookmakers odds for the match: Efes @ 3.40 vs Olympiacos @ 1.30. I suggest to start this month with a simple, clear and nice bet on Olympiacos. Stake 7/10 for and away team. The game is scheduled for Friday at 20:00 cet. Place your bet asap.

  • EUL: Efes – Olympiacos: Olympiacos @ 1.30 stake 7/10

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