02 Jan 2014: Euroleague Odds

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As you know, this week we have 8 Euroleague games scheduled: 5 for Thursday and 3 for Friday.

As you know Euroleague is one of the most popular sport in Italy and, as you know, Euroleague is the top league of Europe. So this morning I thought my bookmaker, finally published the odds for this game. I was sure it happen, but, as you know, in Italy nothing is sure. No odds published by my favourite bookmaker and only odds for some (not all) Thursday games by my second favourite bookmaker. Let’s check these few money line odds together.

Thursday, January 02, 2014
18:45 cet Galatasaray @ 1.96 vs Maccabi Tel Aviv @ 1.85
19:00 cet Partizan @ 7.00 vs Real Madrid @ 1.12

20:30 cet Panathinaikos @ 1.20 vs Armani Milan @ 4.40
20:45 cet Barcelona @ 1.12 vs Efes Istanbul @ 6.75

My betting tips are coming soon.


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