15 NOV 2013: Euroleague betting tips

We have 5 games scheduled for Friday in Euroleague, my lazy Italian bookmaker offers good odds for all these game, so I am ready to place my bets.

Regular Season – Day 5
Friday, November 15, 2013

CSKA MOSCOW (2-2) – PARTIZAN BELGRADE (1-3): open our friday at 17:00.  Odds see the Russian team as clear favourite with an handicap og 13.5. Too much in my opinion. CSKA Moscow probably will win, but the handicap should be between -8.5 and -13.5 on home team. Partizan are a nice team and I am going against the market here.
Pick: Partizan +13.5 @ 1.88 stake 4/10

OLYMPIACOS (4-0) – ZIELONA GORA (1-3): last week I saw Olympiacos Pireaus destroyng Montepaschi Siena in Florence. I am confident the Greek team can destroy also Zielona, but odds are not interesting for me. The handicap is -18.5 for home team. No bets for me.
Pick: avoid

GALATASARAY (2-2) – BAYERN MUNICH (3-1): if it was a soccer match, I would suggest to back Bayern, but this is basket, not soccer, so I back the Turkish team. By the way, to play home or away is not so important in basket, but it became very important if you play in Turkey!
Pick: Galatasaray +2.5 @ 1.88 stake 3/10

CRVENA ZVEZDA (1-3) – LIETUSVOS RYTAS (1-3): for both teams this is the key match of the season. I would choose home team as they easily score points and they easily get to the basket. Unfortunately the Crvena Zvezda defence is poor. My tip? Lest’s try an over 150.5 points
Pick: over 150.5 @ 1.88 stake 2/10

EA7 MILANO (2-2) – STRASBOURG (0-4): I have the same opinion I wrote for Olympiacos – Zielona Gora. Home team is clear favourite, but I don’t like the odds and the handicap. I prefer to avoid to place a bet on this match.
Pick: avoid


  CSKA Moscow – Partizan 88-46 -4.00
 Olympiacos – Zielona 78-77 +0.00
 Galatasaray – Bayern M. 84-74 +2.64
 Crvena Zveda – Rytas 88-77 +1.76
 Milano – Strasbourg 83-72 + 0.00

November 15 Balance
N° Proofed Tips: 3
Results (W-D-L): 2-0-1
Staked: 9.00 units
Won : 9.40 units
Profit: +0.40 units


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