04 Sep: Russia vs Italy

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1st Round – Group D – 1st matchday
Bonifika Arena, Koper (SLO)
Wednesday 4, 2013 – 09:00 PM CET
(CET is Central Europe Time)


Russia (0-0) is s team that has been hit hard by problems throughout the summer. Anyway last week Russia defeated Ukraine 86-70. Never underestimate the Russians.

Italy (0-0) has a lot of iniured players and those who are not injured don’t seem to be at the top of the form. Anyway everybody know that the Italian do their best when everything is against them. The match will be broadcasted live on Italian TV Raisport. By the way, all the Italian media think this one against Russia is the key match for the Azzurri.

My bookmaker odds
Russia (-4.5) @ 1.82
Italy (+4.5) @ 1.95

My bet
 Italy (+4.5) @ 1.95
stake 4

V Green

Russia – Italy 69-76  + 3.80

Cigarafterten, one to follow.

My September bets
N° Proofed Tips: 1
Results (W-D-L): 1-0-0
Staked: 4.00 units
Won : 7.80 units
Profit: +3.80 units


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