EuroBasket 2013 Group D

Koper is the town for Group D teams. Here we have the odds of my bookmaker for the team winning group.

Greece @ 1.52 is a good team with a very good coach. I don’t know if they will win the group, anyway no problems for them to be promoted to 2nd round.

Russia @ 5.00 never, never, never underestimate Russia. Never!

Turkey @ 5.00 is set to be promoted, but I think their adventure in Eurobasket 2013 will end in the 2nd round.

Italy @ 7.00 has too many injured players and they have few players who can play as center. Unlucky days for the Italians.

Finland @ 41.00 can win two games

Sweden @ 41.00 no hope.

So, theese are my verdicts: Russia wins the group, so they are promoted with Greece and Turckey. Italy, Finland ansìd Sweden leave the tournament at the end of this stage.

1st matchday

Turkey – Finland
Sweden – Greece
Russia – Italy


Author: Cigarafterten

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