EuroBasket 2013 Group B

Jesenice is the town for Group B teams, before reading my preview, This is my preview for this grooup with the odds of my bookmaker for the team winning group.

Lithuania @ 1.80 are favourite to win the group. My bookmker chooses Lithuania and I do the same. I really don’t see how they cam miss to lead the group.

Serbia @ 3.20 arrive in Slovenia with a lot of dreams, but they are not anymore the fantastic Jugobasket of the 80’s. Anyway, I see they will be promoted to 2nd round

Montenegro @ 7.00  are something misterious, probably they will fight with Macedonia for the 3rd place.

Macedonia @ 7.00 are stronger than Montenegro, but life is so uncertain.

Latvia @ 15.00 are a team I am corious to watch. I mean, I am confident they will show some progress. Latvia are an interesting team.

Bosnia @ 15.00 no hope to see them in the 2nd round

So, there are my verdicts: Lithuania win the group, 2nd place for Serbia, while Montenegro and Macedonia will fight for the 3rd place. I choose Macedonia in this battle. The loser between Montenegro and Macedonia goes home. The same for Latvia and Bosnia.

1st matchday

Latvia – Bosnia
Macedonia – Montenegro
Serbia – Lithuania


Author: Cigarafterten

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