04 May 2013: Brooklyn vs Chicago

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Just a small preview for today, as I am set to search for a new office this morning. A small, but important preview.

Playoff – First Round – Game 7

Saturday, May 04 2013 – 08:00 PM ET
(ET is USA East Coast Time)

Barclays Center,  Brooklyn, NY, USA

Brooklyn Nets (3-3, streak W 2) got a good point winning game 6 in Chicago two days ago. Tonight the Nets play in their Barclays Center and no one of them is injured. Nets clear favourites here for my bookmaker and for me too.

Chicago Bulls (3-3, streak L 2) have three players injured: Loul Deng, Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose. Game over for Chicago, this is my opinion.

My bookmaker odds
Brooklyn 1.30
Chicago 3.40

My bet
Brooklyn @ 1.30
stake 6


Brooklyn – Chicago 93-99

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

My May bets
N° Proofed Tips: 2

Results (W-D-L): 0-0-2
Staked: 15.00 units
Won : 00.00 units
Profit: -15.00 unit


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