Another Euroleague match

Just few notes in order to let you understand the Euroleague format. In these weeks top 16 European teams are playing the Top 16 games with the 16 teams playing in 2 groups of 8 teams each: Group E and Group F. Let’s care about Group E, this is the standings:

Top 16 – Group E

Siena 5-0
Caja Laboral 4-1
Barcelona 4-1
Khimki 3-2
Olympiacos 2-3
Maccabi 1-4
Fenerbahce  1-4
Besiktas 0-5

Well, at the end of the 14 games, the top 4 teams will be promoted to the playoff phase. Is everything clear? Are you ready for another Euroleague bet? I am.

Top 16 – Matchday 6
Friday, February 1, 2013 – 20:45 CET
(CET is Central Europe Time)

Fernando Buesa Arena, Vitoria, Spain

Cajas (4-1) won the 4 Top 16 games, than lost at home against Barcelona Regal. It can happens, nothing to worry about. Now Caja has the chance to forget that match and to continue their road to the playoff.

Khimki (3-2)  is a very good team, but this Russian team has a problem: they are very strong at home, but away they lose a lot of games. I think they will fight till the end at the Fernand Buesa Arena Friday night, but at the end they will have to give up. My bookmaker see Caja Laboral as clear favourite here. I do the same.

My bookmakers odds
Caja 1.33
Khimki 3.15
Caja (-6.50) 1.87
Khimki (+6.50) 1.87

My bet
Caja Laboral 1.33
stake 9

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