Lesson 1: save your money!

There are two groups of bettors: people who bet just for their pleasure and people who bet for making money. I belong to the second group, I hope you too.

So, what’s my target? It’s very simple to explain: I want to close the year 2013 with some money won with my basketball bets. In order to get this target, I try to win something every month. Yes, every month. My target is to close every month with a positive balance.

Here you find my balance for January:

N° Proofed Tips: 10
Results (W-D-L): 8-0-2
Staked: 78.00 units
Won : 88.29 units
Profit: +10.29 units

I read +10.29 units. It’s enough for me. January is closed for my bets. No more tips till February, just some useful basketball tips, but no more bets. I save my money.

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