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First of all, let me suggest you to go to cinema to see last Clint Eastwood film: Trouble with the curve. A wonderful film everyone who love sports (and life) should see. Ok, now, let’s look at the NBA games scheduled for today Tuesday, December 11, 2012:

Brooklyn – New York
Cleveland – LA Lakers
Detroit – Denver
New Orleans – Washington
Chicago – LA Clippers

I choose Hornets vs Wizards for my bet.

Regular season
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 โ€“ 8:00 PM ET
(ET is the USA east coast time)

New Orleans Arena, New Orleans,LA, USA

New Orleans (5-14)ย are coming off their third straight loss, 106-90 at Miami on Saturday, as write. The Hornets are 3-8 at home. Tonight ย theย Hornets are without power forward Anthony Davis as well as shooting guard Eric Gordon.

Washingtonย (2-15) are the worst NBA team also because they have too many injured players: AJ Priza, Trevor Ariza, Trever Booker and John Wall. In the Washington Post pages you can find an interesting article about Wizard injuries problem, an article by Gene Wang. The Wizards areย he only winless road team in the NBA: 8 games, 8 loss for them in this season. My bookmaker this morning opened the betting with a 1.50 odd for New Orleans win, now, it’s 1.48, so many Italian bettors are backing home team. I am set to do the same.

New Orleans @ 1.48
stake 10/100

New Orleans โ€“ Washington 70ย – 77
โ™ฆ -10.00 units โ™ฆ
Lost! Read The New York Times report.

My 2012 bets
Nยฐ Proofed Tips: 70
Results (W-D-L): 36-0-34
Staked: 404.00 units
Won : 314.26 units
Profit: -89.74 units


Do you agree?

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