Lakers vs Pacers preview

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Italian bookmakers have been very lazy today in publishing their odds on NBA games. Anyway, finally they did, so I can place my daily basketball bet.

Regular season
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 – 04:30 CET

Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA – USA

Lakers (7-7) finally started to play a good basket and win games, thanks to coach Mike D’Antoni. The Lakers now have an opportunity to climb in the standings, as they meeet Indiana.

Pacers (6-8) are coming off a 104-97 loss to San Antonio, their problem is that they are very bad away with a 2-6 road record. I am sure they are set to win some other road games, but probably not tonight as as they have accumulated just three wins against the purple and gold in the last 20 years when the game is being played in Los Angeles, as SBR Forum remember us.

Well, before placeing my bet I have to underline that the Pacers are without Danny Granger, one of their best player. This is an handicap for them and it’s something could help Los Angeles to win the game.

My 2012 bets: (W-D-L): 34-0-25
My last 10 bets: (W-D-L): 5-0-5

L.A Lakers @ 1.27
stake 5/100
By the way, I know I said “no more odds under 1.70”, but in this days I need an almost sure bets to improve my bank account.

Lakers– Pacers 77 – 79
♦ -5.00 units ♦
I am so stupid! I said no more bets with odds under 1.70. So stupid, really.

My 2012 bets
N° Proofed Tips: 60
Results (W-D-L): 34-0-26
Staked: 365.00 units
Won : 298.62 units
Profit: -66.38 units


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