Betting strategy: my way

Everyone follows his own rules about betting, my rules are simple:

1. I bet only on basket matches
2. I choose only single bets
3. I publish my bets, so everyone can chek them
4. I publish them not before 24 hours the game is scheduled
5. I publish them not after 2 hours the game is scheduled
6. I don’t like to bet every day, i just like to bet every week
7. As I win some money in the week, I don’t go on betting, I prefer to stop
8. As I lose too much I prefer to stop, it’s important to have a weekly stop loss
9. I bet with more than one bookmaker
10. As I live in Italy, I follow italian betting laws and I bet only italian boomakers approved by italian national betting agency called AAMS

In my opinion, if you don’t follow some rules, you are set to be a loser in online betting.

By the way, this week I already earned 11.40 units. It has been a good week for me and for people who followed my tips about Eurocup match Donetsk – Asvel.

No more bets until Monday, so ……………  have a nice weekend!

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