What did happen??

It’s very simple to explain what happened in the last days about my post for Russia – Serbia.

As you have seen, in the last days I has been very busy to work around domains, graphics, colors and such type of things for this blog and for a similiar one, but in Italian, basketteria.

So, last wednesday I had only few minutes for writing my tip for Russia – Serbia and, wrongly I wrote to bet on Serbia, while I had bet on Russia. Fortuantely on thursday I saw this mistakes and I chenged the post, just 4 or 5 hour before the match starts.

It will never happen again. Now I am not going to work anymore around domains, graphics and colors. I just want to look after basket betting tips.

By the way, Russia won 77-67 and I won my bet.

My 2011 bets
Stake: 469.00
Win: 435.29
Total: –33.71
Yield: –7.18%


I am a web content editor, I love european basketball and I like to place bets on basketball games. My target is to build an interesting network of basketball websites. Your tips are welcome.

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