It’s not easy to write a preview with a 0-2 monthly record. Anyway, I am doing ot.

Playoff – Second Round – Game 1

Tu, May 06 2013 – 09:30 PM ET
(ET is USA East Coast Time)

AT&T Center, San Antonio TX, USA

San Antonio Spurs (0-0, streak W 4)Β destroyed the Lakers (4-0) in the first round. I hope they can go on this way also with the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors (0-0, streak W 1)Β secured a second round place with 4-2 win against Denver. I think the Warriors can not go to win in San Antonio, anyway, with a 0-2 monthly record in May, I can understand you if you have some doubts about my tips. I have doubts too!

My bookmaker odds
San Antonio 1.18
Golden State 4.65

My bet
San Antonio @ 1.18
stake 5

V Green

San Antonio – Golden State 129-127 +0.90

I am still alive!

My May bets
NΒ° Proofed Tips: 3
Results (W-D-L): 1-0-2
Staked: 20.00 units
Won : 5.90 units
Profit: -14.10 unit

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